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about shirley siaton

Shirley Siaton-Parabia is an award-winning author and journalist lauded by the Stevan Javellana Foundation, Philippine Information Agency and West Visayas State University. She has several published books of poems and prose. Her essays, fiction and poetry have been printed in various periodicals. She works in education, wellness, literary arts and publishing. She is based in Muscat, where she is writing her next book.

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Pre-Order: Angel of Darkness

A struggling college girl. A dangerous underworld enforcer. A gritty port city drowning in blood.

Set in the unforgiving underworld of the Philippine Midwest, this novel is a darkly poignant romance on second chances, redemption, and finding love even in the absence of light. Available in ebook and paperback editions.

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For Young Readers: The Fire of Courage (7+)

The Fire of CourageI am not a warrior.
My name is Uryana. I am twelve cycles old and a child of the Baraw tribe from the Sa-Babaw peaks.

My people have been plagued by the Serpent, a beast made of flame. It first devoured our livestock, then burned our fields and orchards to ashes. Our strongest warriors were called to face this creature, but each of them, including my own father, met their end at its merciless jaws. I was chosen by our tribe Elders to fight the Serpent. Will I be seeing my final dusk tonight, or will the hope and fire in my heart be enough to guide me in my greatest battle?

The exclusive Manila Book Fair 2023 paperback is now available!

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My books are available on Amazon worldwide in ebook/Kindle and international edition paperback formats.

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Visit my WattPad account for exclusive excerpts of my published works, as well as random pieces for your reading pleasure.

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I am available for creative writing, journalism and copywriting projects. I can write advertorials and reviews for your brand on my websites.

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New Release: Angel (The Exclusive Manila Book Fair 2023 Edition)

Angel: A NovellaShe only ever saw and loved him in the shadows…

For Stella, being a freshman and getting asked out by the richest, most popular boy at school is a dream come true. When her dream date suddenly turns into a nightmare, she runs into a mysterious young man who unwittingly rescues her from a destructive fate. Only known as Trey, he belonged in the deepest shadows and bloodiest corners of her city, dispensing a brand of justice no law could reach. He was her own twisted kind of guardian angel. When a turf war finally comes to their door, would her love be enough to make him stay in the light, or would he disappear into the darkness forever?

Available in ebook and paperback editions.

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